This is short notice, but we have decided to close the call for speakers early, by about a week.  The last day that we will accept session proposals will be Saturday, March 7th, at 5 PM.  It's a little unusual to close a call for speakers early, this is why we are doing so.

We have enough rooms to have 5 concurrent tracks, which gives us around 25-35 sessions.  Most sessions are an hour, but a fair number are 30 minutes.  We have had over 40 sessions submitted already.  If we take anymore, then we have to start bumping people.  And we don't want to do that.  A lot of good people are sharing their knowledge and experience and it doesn't make any sense to accept any more session proposals.

We have also opened up the attendee registration.  It's a fair ask to want to know who will be speaking.  We'll be picking the sessions on Monday the 9th, and posting the session and speaker lists here.